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he Red Sea enjoys a unique diversity of bottom structures, ranging from arid sandy to thick, multi-layered coral reef. This, together with warm-to-hot climate, makes the Red Sea an ideal habitat for an underwater world featuring few thousand creatures and species. Although the number species usually sought on fishing trips is, in general, limited, the rich and diverse environment suggests decent and ample presence, both as dwelling and migrating. Most of the world-wide familiar fishing techniques are practiced in Egypt such as bottom still fishing, boat trolling, cast trolling (or casting), drift fishing, vertical jigging, etc. The most enjoyable technique reported is bottom still fishing of depths of water ranging between 15 and 35 meters. Then comes boat trolling, then the rest of the techniques. Amongst fishing species sought during our trips and safaris are:

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Egyptian marine law and regulations prohibit fishing of several species, some of which are considered endangered species and organisms threatened by extinction. Non-fishing species include:
  • Sharks (several species)
  • Dolphins (several species)
  • Napoleon Fish (Latin: Cheilinus undulatus)
  • Moray Eel (Latin: Muraenidae)
  • Sea Turtle (Latin: Chelonioidea)
  • Stingray (Latin: Hexatrygonidae, Plesiobatidae, Urolophidae, Urotrygonidae, Dasyatidae, Potamotrygonidae, Gymnuridae, Myliobatidae)

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