As indicated in the 'What You Get' section, most requirements from boat's departure to arrival are already provided and covered by the safari/liveaboard operator. However, there is a few items for you to take care of on your own:

  • Shimano Stella Reel Official Identification Documents:
    Local authorities demand that an official identification document be presented upon departure from harbor. This document can be a local Egyptian ID, or a passport.

  • Rapala Lures Special Lures:
    EgyptFishing provides trolling lures and spoons of sizes and varieties known to be suitable for the fishing spot, season, depth of water, etc. However, guests are welcome to try their own beloved "lucky strikers" or any lures they would like to try for trolling and casting. Guests are also welcome to bring along their jigging grear with day/night lures as needed.

  • Standard Jigging Lure Vertical Jigging and Flyfishing Tackle:
    When it comes to flyfishing, EgyptFishing, regretfully, doesn't have much to offer. However, guests are encouraged to practice as much flyfishing and vertical jigging as they want using their own tackle and expertise.
    It has been observed that needle fish and gar fish are the most likely species for fly fishing, while dogtooth tuna (dog-tooth tuna) (Gymnasarda Unicolor) and jacks are amongst the most rewarding vertical-jigging species.

  • Sun Lotion and Personal Stuff:
    It's mostly sunny in winter, and superbly sunny in the summer! Applying sun lotion may be a good idea if you would like to enjoy the sunshine. Also bring your own towels and razors.

  • Cool cap Be prepared for Changing Weather:
    • On a winter day, weather in the Red Sea might change from warm to cool if clouds show up. You need an easy on/off piece weather or coat.
    • In the summer, it is usually nice all day long, but sometimes gets a bit chilly late at night and early in the morning. Sun is always warm, summer and winter!
    • Warm ice capAlthough all the boats we use feature a spacious shaded area on the deck that can be used while fishing, it is advisable to bring a cap or a hat.

  • Camera:
    Waterproof camera cover
    Waterproof Camera Cover
    Great memories of great times must stay forever. It's a good idea to have your photographic or video camera ready, with sufficient memory storage. Photos taken by all Egypt Fishing's cameras are usually emailed later to everybody on the boat to get the full picture!
    Guests who will be snorkeling will be able to capture fabulous shots. Of course, an underwater camera or a camera equipped with waterproof case or underwater cover will be needed.

  • Mobile Phone:
    In general, Egyptian eastern coast has a very good coverage of all three GSM networks currently operational in Egypt; Vodafone, Orange (formerly Mobinil), and Etisalat, and for several kilometers offshore. Roads as well have a good coverage. This way people fishing can keep in touch with family, friends, or business most of your trip--if they really want to!!
    220V electric power is available on all safari and liveaboard boats used by EgyptFishing for at least 6 hours per day (on several boats, 24-hour 220V electric power supply is available)--good enough to have mobile devices and cameras recharged.
    All three GSM providers also offer GPRS internet access as a standard service, so smart phones and tablets will remain connected to social media and communication services such as Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc.